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Who are we and how are we able to offer these Products and Services?

Firstly, we are NOT a Financial Services Company in any shape or form and do NOT sell or promote any Financial Services Products or Services. However,  with our tried and tested knowledge we can, for example, assist your company and their selected staff member/s in how your company CAN successfully raise its very own funding in a perfectly legal manner –  quickly and efficiently as and when it needs to. “We Unbox Our Knowledge for your benefit.“1.2

I have always been an Entrepreneur, as well CEO many of my own businesses. I was also Chairman of a Public Company and am now semi-retired. I offer over 40 years of my knowledge, training  and experience in business to companies who may be in trouble and need practical swift “Street Smart” business advice and help  Or perhaps the very opposite: – they are Good Companies and need to know how to raise their Own Funds, as quickly as possible.    “We offer you a hand up NOT a hand-out”

I am assisted by the following associates:

  • Two Attorneys who run their own separate Law Firms
  • A practising Advocate
  • An Accountant who has had his own accounting firm for over 30 years and has the B.Compt (SAIPA) qualifications. He has also served on the board of a large Public Company as the Financial Director.
  • Numerous business colleagues with massive collective business experience and knowledge to draw fromAdded to this, we have over many years, accumulated a sizeable variety of worldwide business contacts in many different areas of business related areas, which can be a tremendous asset to you the client.

Along with the above services. We also offer interested parties the opportunity to become Entrepreneurs and to work for themselves – through our Umbala Paint Opportunity to start your very own Micro Paint Factory OR perhaps the more ambitious ROMERO ATV, which is an ideal opportunity for a petrolhead” or a more serious on road/offroad vehicle manufacturer. South Africans and Africans need to realize that there is always going to be a shortage of employment unless we begin to grow at over 8%pa as a country/continent – which is unlikely. So the best alternative is to employ yourself and start a business. See more about the two License opportunities a little further down on this website. I wish you every success with your business ventures – whatever they are and look forward to meeting and interacting with you in the near future.

Kind regards

PR Stapleton