Vision & Legal Statement

Logo 2.113.1BizNiz Unboxed Vision

BizNiz Unboxed business model is designed to provide exceptional opportunities for entrepreneurs on the African Continent to manage their own enterprises successfully and create their own employment.

13.2BizNiz Unboxed Mission

A firm commitment to the ongoing provision of total quality management in accordance with the standards expected of the industry sector under consideration.

Provide a well-structured pricing framework that will ensure affordability, profitability and the retention of the relevant company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Dedication to continuously improving all aspects of the company’s business model for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to sustain the advantage of cost effective and highly marketable products.

BizNiz Unboxed technical specialists are committed to consistently improving the design and development of the products of its various business entities.

14.1Legal Statement

BizNiz Unboxed offers a comprehensive package of the essential elements needed for an entrepreneur to profitably manage his or her own business.  Our sole purpose is to provide tested and viable business units through BizNiz Unboxed IP (intellectual property).

This all-inclusive BizNiz Unboxed IP has been developed through the collective experience, knowledge and talents of seasoned experts over many years.  The IP / Knowledge incorporates the provision of a supporting team of industry specialists who provide the training, technical know-how and operational guidelines, procedures and systems required to successfully manage a sustainable business relevant to the enterprise under consideration.

This is however not compulsory as many of you may have a good business background or already be technically skilled and just want the IP to produce the product, in which case we then sell the information only and you take it from there.

It is noted that BizNiz Unboxed is not involved in the manufacturing, marketing and retailing of any products whatsoever, including goods produced by its business licensees.