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BizNiz 911 – “We Unbox Our Knowledge for Your Benefit”

Business Funding …. is it possible?? I’ve tried every avenue with no success – “Money doesn’t buy you happiness – but it buys you a better class of misery!”

There are Three generally accepted ways of Raising Funding for a Business:

  • 4.2The Owner / Directors invest their own Personal Funds into the Company and thus fund the Company  themselves – this is known as Owners Equity or Initial Issued Share Capital
  • The Director/s has/have sufficient Fixed Personal Assets to be used as Surety at a Bank in order to adequately borrow the finance needed for their Company – this naturally puts all Directors and their Families at great personal risk if things do not go well within the business.   There will be personal sureties signed with financial institutions and this risks personal family homes, assets, etc…
  • Another option is that the money can be raised privately or publically depending on the company structure by selling a share of your business to Investor/s – sometimes this is known as Angel or Venture Capital Investment, but it can be as difficult as going to a Bank to raise this finance – if you do not have the knowledge in how to raise these much-needed funds.

The Purpose of Bizniz 911 is to impart our knowledge gained over many years, to assist and coach a company that is seeking to raise between R350, 000 and R3million in funding and have found that they have hit a financial “brick wall” in obtaining this much-needed Capital in order to further the growth of their business.   Then what next ….. Venture Capital or Angel Capital or Sale of Equity in your business? But ….. how do you raise this Capital?

Typically a company seeking this sort of funding would currently have a turnover of between R4mil and R15mil per annum and already have at least three years of profitable trading or an audited Business Plan.

When could you raise Funding in this way?4.4

  • If your Company Balance Sheet is already profitable and goes back at least 3 years or you have an Audited Business Plan.
  • If your Gross profits exceed 40% per annum and your monthly wage & salary bill is less than 40% of your monthly / annual Gross Profit.
  • The Funds raised are to be used to upgrade machinery and equipment to add to your profitability and maybe even lower your operating costs within the Business.
  • The Funds raised are to be used to finance a guaranteed big order or a successfully confirmed tender.
  • If your Company meets the above-mentioned needs and requirements.
  • Your company is a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) or an Unlisted Limited Company (Limited)

Under these circumstances, we believe that we can help you!

When should you NOT raise Funding in this way?4.3  

  • If your company does not have the necessary funds to pay existing creditors and is in a desperate situation to just survive because clearly there are profitability issues – you may find that you are in fact running at a loss.   It is therefore highly unlikely you would be able to repay your new shareholders/stakeholders and the possible interest on any shareholder loan accounts that they may have been incurred by your company – this could be deemed as reckless trading, or perhaps even bordering on a Ponzi Scheme ie knowingly raising/incurring debt to fund unsustainable debt and it’s repayment.   (We strongly suggest that you seriously look at our 911 Plan Two)
  • If your gross profits are less than 40% pa then you should not look at this avenue as your Company will not have the ability to service any possible loan account interest
  • If you need the money in an unrealistic time period
  • If your Company does not currently meet the above annual turnover requirements i.e. your Company is too small to raise this kind of money.
  • If you have not been trading for at least three years and do not have financials to substantiate your turnover – raising these funds is designed to grow your already profitable business and not to pay your debts or if you do not have an Audited Business Plan.
  • Your company is not styled as a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) or an Unlisted Limited Company (Ltd or Limited)
  • Depending on the type of business that you are in, but as a general rule, your monthly wage and salary bill should not exceed 35-40% of your Gross Profits.

Please note that what we offer to mentor you in, is derived and compiled from our own knowledge, experience and contacts. We will mentor you in raising your own funds  – it is perfectly legal and within the law and does not contravene the Banks Act nor the FAIS Act providing you act strictly within the rules that we mentor you in.   You will be required to sign an agreement to this effect.

003But you will get the definite and proven results that you require.

So if you wish to pursue your dream for your business and feel that you have the necessary requirements, then, this is what we offer you and these are our once off fees?


  • Firstly:  A comprehensive half day consultation and presentation for which we charge an upfront fee of R15,000 (excluding travel costs as we are based in KZN but are quite prepared to travel anywhere within the country.)    If you so choose the Consultation can be conducted via Skype with Documentation sent to you electronically.
  • Secondly:   Upon your Company acceptance of our presented proposal and your Company chooses to go ahead with our proposal, we would then provide you with all the relevant documentation and training that you will need in template form.   The structure, documentation wording has been successfully tried and tested by companies over many years

If you follow the system that we mentor you in then you are ensured of raising the required Capital that your Company needs.

We provide two weeks of training to your nominated company representative who will be involved in raising the required company funding.   For providing this valuable information, training and service expertise – our once off fee are an additional upfront amount of R50, 000 (excluding travel / accommodation costs).  This is inclusive of all documentation and manuals needed.