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What can be done if my Business is in distress? – Will I lose my assets, my house, my cars, my furniture and belongings? How can I save my Business? Read on – we are here to help . . .


Your business is in Financial Dire Straits and you stand a very good chance of your company being liquidated by the authorities or your creditors.

In this situation we offer the following advice and assistance:

  • Direct negotiation on your behalf with SARS and / or Creditors etc.
  • We offer assistance with your asset protection – we have Attorneys who will assist you in this regard. (Their fee is separate to ours)
  • We assist you in being able to continue to trade – perhaps styled and structured differently.
  • We also assist with systems and structures to ensure that you do not fall back into the same predicament and if needed, we can provide a monitoring service for you.


The above can be achieved very quickly thus giving you peace of mind and time to get back to your desk and run your business … so the longer you delay the more trouble you will get into and the less chance you have of recovering and surviving in your current business.


In order for us to meet with you, we would require that you have all your financial predicaments available in order that we may give you accurate feedback and possible assistance.

  • We charge an upfront fee of R15, 000 for a half day consultation (excluding travel costs) in order to get a clear picture of your position.   If you so choose the interview can be conducted via Skype
  • If you require the fully negotiated bailout package and restructuring we charge upfront fee of R40,000 (excluding travel and accommodation costs)

If we need to bring in any other professional services such as an Accountant or an Attorney – this is excluded from our Fees.

Thereafter we are available for telephonic / skype consultations on a regular / required basis at an hourly rate of R1000