BizNiz 911 – Emergency Exit

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7.2We offer a variety of quick services at a very reasonable price, to sort out your unusual needs:


  • Blacklisted and in need of financing – loan, motor vehicle etc
  • Expunging of Criminal Record so that your record is clean?
  • Clearing of your name from judgements and bad payment bank records even though you may still owe creditor money and may still need to continue to pay off the debt
  • Inexpensive and quick divorces if uncontested
  • Liquidations of Companies / Personal Sequestrations – this is one way of clearing your debt
  • Quick VAT and Company Registrations including Statutory requirements
  • VAT / Tax dispute negotiations with SARS
  • If you are retiring from a company and have long service, we are experts in assisting in getting your Capital out of the Provident Fund and into YOUR bank account within three to four weeks as opposed to the 3 to 6 months that you would on average normally have to wait.