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12.4The Fulton School for the Deaf. – www.fulton.org.za

” The school  is driven strongly by its Vision of “Excellence in Deaf Education” and lives by its motto  “Intellego et Procedo (I Understand and I Advance)”.

12.5Makaphutu Village for Orphans – www.makaphutu.org.za

“Orphans are vulnerable children. If no one intervenes, a vicious cycle is at work in their lives. But we’re here because we believe the orphan cycle CAN be broken and YOU can help!”

12.6Sheperds Keep Aids Orphanage for babies. – www.shepherdskeep.org.za

“little scraps of humanity, often wrapped in nothing but an old blanket or towel, frightened and hungry, desperately tired and just wanting loving arms and that bottle of warm milk”

1.1The Everest Foundation was established in order to further the vision of the founder Patrick R Stapleton and his wife Shannon Dicks-Stapleton, who over the past 30 years have participated in a diversity of projects and ventures into those less fortunate and to further the purpose statement of “A hand up and not a hand-out”.

In the past, the Everest Foundation has been involved and contributed a variety projects, such as funding pupils at the Fulton’s School for the deaf. We have contributed to their annually boarding and tuition fees. It has been our privilege to see the progress that some of these people have made in society.

We also worked with the Aids Orphanage on the Bluff for babies. This is a very heartbreaking project to be involved with. We also installed the IT after school learning centre for orphans living in Makaputu Village.

We have funded a Romanian Gypsy young lady to study for a full degree to become a Film Director in Bucharest, today she is one of the leading documentary filmmakers in Romania and Hungary.

Embo Valley1Under privilege and poverty are perpetuated when society and communities are not educated in how to take care of themselves and instead develop the mentality of relying on others to provide for them. The old adage of “give a man a fish and you feed him for today – but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”, really applies to Africa. Dignity is when we are able to provide for ourselves and our own communities, based on what we have learnt, coupled with our own abilities and initiatives. Currently, most of the world is in a very serious recession. And those feeling it the most are the young people – worldwide (19 -29 years old) There are an estimated 76 Million young people in the world that are unemployed (Source: BBC World Service, May 9th, 2012) Business is therefore not able to even attempt to absorb most of these young people into the workforce, not with the current economic growth rates. The danger is that we could end up with ‘lost generation’ who may never work. This leads to crime and also to pressure on parents and families, who may have to now provide for the young unemployed adult family members, who rely on them in order to be able to just survive. At the same time, this can be a source of huge untapped talent and ability that needs to be identified and developed.


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We have built houses for people in Embo Valley and Imbali Township. We built these houses from the ground up, including inside toilets and bathroom, with a kitchen with hot and cold water.
Our passion is for people and not projects. But projects ultimately can enhance people. We are not only assisting in the betterment of this generation but hope to make a footprint on the generations to come. We also realise that the needs in the world are great and we do not attempt to solve all the world’s problems and issues. We operate only at the point of our gifting and abilities.

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