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We offer the opportunity for the right person to start their very own industrial and commercial paint micro factory which can be set-up in an area not much larger than a normal double garage, although a 75 to 100 m2 mini factory would be ideal.

11.7We offer the full package of the “know how” (Intellectual Property) including over 100 tried and tested paint formulas.  This covers a range of paint that you can manufacture from Roofing Paint to ordinary PVA or Wall and All Paint.


Our paint has been produced and tested for over 25 years and we know that the product that you would offer your customer is of the highest quality AND at approximately 60% of the price that the competitor is charging – so not only do you make a good profit and create employment for you, your family and community but you take the first steps to wealth creation.


Product range

Umbala has developed a full range of decorative and industrial products in the following categories:

  • stock-photo-4921587-paint-cans-and-brushesDecorative
  • Acrylic Roof Paint
  • Stoep Paint
  • Water Proofing Products
  • Universal undercoats
  • Sealers
  • Oil Based
  • Industrial Primers/ Solvent Based
  • Alkyd Enamels
  • Industrial SQD Enamels
  • Solvent Based Road Marking Paint
  • Patching Compound
  • Solvents
  • Degreaser
  • Zinc Phosphate Primer
  • Water Based Gloss
  • Pink wood Primer

Completed Projects using Umbala PaintsUmbala paints projects

Option 1 – Micro Paint Factory: – Micro Paint Factory: – Unsupported. We supply all the manuals, formulas and full factory set up and manufacture “know how” within the written instructions. You are then responsible to setup and manufacture your paint = we are available on a consultancy basis if required.  =  Price: ZAR39,500-00 Vat exclusive




Option 2 – Micro Paint Factory Set-up: – Micro Paint Factory Set-up: – Can be totally setup for you by an extremely experienced and reliable paint factory expert, who has worked together with us for over 25 years and managed our paint manufacturing facilities when we still used to manufacture paint. The consultant specializes in set-up and training for manufacturing paint. Price subject to technician quotation.

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This includes: Factory set up, purchase and assembly of machinery & start up materials – tooling etc.  In addition, this  includes: Full training in production/manufacture, sales, marketing, administration etc.  Manuals are supplied by BizNiz Unboxed our holding company, who sell you the IP rights to produce Umbala Paints. These negotiations with the consultant are done between you the client and the consultant. If you are technically experienced enough you maybe not need a consultant.

If sold beyond the South African Borders the price will be the equivalent amount in US Dollars.

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