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This opportunity is probably a once in a lifetime chance to start a small to medium sized All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) assembly plant of your own.   The vehicle has been tried and tested over more than 10 years and has gone through and passed emissions testing, has gone through the rigorous GEROTEC testing program – we have a video of this if you wish to see it.

The vehicle was homologated by SABS and registered with NATIS in 2009.   This means that in South Africa the vehicle is both an on-road and off-road unit and can be licenced for such use.   The major buyers are the Mining Industry where the vehicle can be used above and below ground – the durability of these vehicles means that they have a long life expectancy under tough conditions.   We can disclose if you wish the names of the mines that have been using these vehicles for the past six years.

i286541539263806457._msw565h424_szw565h424_ - Copy - Copy i286541539279248501._msw565h424_szw565h424_ - Copy - CopySecondly, this is an ideal vehicle for the farming industry and fills the gap between a top of the range quad bike and a 4×4 bakkie (Utility Vehicle – UTV).  The bin has a 1.1-ton carrying capacity as can be seen from the video the vehicle can be used under extreme circumstances.  As an extra to all of this the vehicle makes a great family outdoor fun experience and with a tent attached the ideal vehicle for the outdoor enthusiasts.

The Romero is also an ideal vehicle for military purposes and with roll bars fitted gun racks can be mounted.  This would also make the vehicle of interest to Game Rangers and the Police who are tasked with tracking poachers and stock thieves.

The Romero is not only for the South African market but is intended as a rugged vehicle that can be manufactured, sold and used anywhere in Africa or anywhere in the world for that matter. The IP can be bought by a “Petrol head” who just wants to build the vehicle with his buddies or by an entrepreneur wishing to on sell the IP to his own market or alternatively someone or a group of people wishing to start a unique manufacturing plant with a ready market.   Lastly, an existing small vehicle manufacturer may wish to add The Romero to their range of vehicles that they already manufacture.

i286541539263806272._msw565h424_szw565h424_With regards to technical details – the Romero’s drive chain is together with the
motor is a 4Y Toyota Chinese Replacement.   The vehicle is a 2×4 with diff lock.  The motor and construction of the vehicle are designed for easy access and affordable repairs as Toyota is conveniently situated throughout the whole of South Africa and most of Africa, therefore, parts are easily available.

Option 1: Micro/Mini Romero ATV Factory: – Unsupported. We supply all the manuals, with full factory set up instructions and a comprehensive set of 3D drawings on disc and hard copy right down to the specifications for the last bolt and full manufacture “know how” within the written instructions. You are then responsible for the setup and manufacture of your Romero ATV vehicles =   Price: ZAR69,500-00 Vat exclusive.




Option 2: Micro/Mini  Romero ATV Factory Set-up: – Micro/Mini  Romero ATV Factory Set-up:- Can be totally setup for you by a extremely experienced and reliable ATV factory expert, who has worked together with us for over 25 years and managed our on- and off-road car manufacturing facilities, when we still used to manufacture vehicles. The consultant specializes in set-up and training for manufacturing vehicles. Price subject to technician quotation.

i286541539263806231._msw565h424_szw565h424_This includes: Factory set up, purchase and assembly of machinery & start up materials – tooling etc.  In addition, this  includes: Full training in production/manufacture, sales, marketing, administration etc.  Manuals are supplied by BizNiz Unboxed our holding company, who sell you the IP rights to produce Romero ATV. These negotiations with the consultant are done between you the client and the consultant. If you are technically experienced enough you maybe not need a consultant.

If sold beyond the South African Borders the price will be the equivalent amount in US Dollars.

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