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Are you tired of working for a boss?

be your own bossWe have opportunities and services that will help any business. Patrick R. Stapleton has more than 40 years business experience and is prepared to help you reach your full potential in business.

There is a great need in South Africa for what we are doing: Unemployment and underemployment is a huge challenge to most countries at the moment and particularly in South Africa and Africa as a dream

Currently, a business cannot provide enough employment for the many thousands of school leavers that are flooding onto the job market every year. It will get worse with each year until SA starts to grow at a minimum rate of 6%pa – we are not even close to that figure. As a result, we have fairly well educated young unemployed masses. We also know that those who are usually being or have been retrenched are in their 40’s and 50’s. (As they are the most expensive labour) but they will still need to continue working in order to ensure a future in their old age. This means they will need to make the best use of their retrenchment packages that they are paid out. We know that the previously disadvantaged Communities are particularly badly hit by this very serious situation.

Governments are beginning to see that the way forward in resolving this crisis is for people to “employ themselves” by becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses. It is now believed that the best way to solve unemployment is through the small business sector of the economy, which currently employs over half the current working population in South Africa.

453dd798-8241-447d-ab6b-1b4d4eb86dcbWe submit to you, the opportunity to begin your own business and to take the first giant step towards your own wealth creation. Here is your opportunity to become the owner of your own business and to employ your own people so that you now become a part of the solution to unemployment, instead of a part of the problem.

If you are someone who has recently been retrenched, retired or taken a Voluntary Severance Package (VSP) after long service with a company and are now looking for a way to turn your capital into an income for yourself and your family AND provide possible employment for your own children who may be desperately looking for a job and wanting to develop a skill …. Here is your opportunity!!

Picture2BizNiz Unboxed is a consulting company. We do not manufacture, nor physically sell a tangible product, whether that is paint, vehicles, plastics or anything else. We have neither a warehouse nor a showroom. The company’s “product” is born out the collective knowledge and skills of a group of very experienced and highly qualified people who have owned and worked in the Paint or Motor industry for many, many years. This collective knowledge has been documented and refined for many years before being offered as a commercial product of tremendous value going forward. We own meticulously documented skills and knowledge, the factory plans, all the 3-D drawings and specifications (Romero Vehicle), suppliers and markets, machinery design, the paint formulae (Umbala Paints) – which will include the exact start up know how from the first step to last – and we now launch two extremely viable, valuable and rewarding business opportunity for you – the Entrepreneur.

Our package, which we setup & install for you as well as train you and your staff for a 3 full months – will give you a very valuable business opportunity, as well as employment for you and your family and perhaps even the unemployed people within your community. This will no doubt give you and your family a strong future asset, which will be entirely owned by you and those with whom you may choose to be in partnership with.

banner_02_a9699c6e-8114-4e46-b8b1-b15d731b648cOur contributing start up skills that we offer – is the Technical expertise, Production training, Stock control, Administrative & Financial controls, Sales & Marketing as well as Legal opinions based on first-hand boardroom experience in these industries -and finally the Business Management Skills that you will need in the paint / motor industry. Various outside bodies directly related to the paint and motor industry have also been consulted and in some cases have contributed to this package. The quality of the finished product for sale will be of the highest standards and will easily compete in both quality and price with any other similar Product.

The potential market locally is huge and waiting for you to supply them. For example, regarding the potential of Umbala Paints, we conducted a survey of building activity going on in the Pietermaritzburg Township of Edendale / Imbali. We found that there were over 500 houses either being built, renovated or needing to be repainted – that is enough business to keep a Business of the above Micro Paint size very busy and profitable for more than four years – and that is just one Township in KZN RSA that we are referring to.

africa-paint-splashes-mapAfrica is also ready and waiting for what you have to supply them. We offer a very affordable Micro Package (business) designed to be a family owned “Township type” Paint manufacturing business, where your business can be set up within your own community and you can manufacture and supply your own community with a variety of high quality domestic and industrial Paint Products, at approximately 60% of the normal Paint Retail prices and still make a very good profit. All you will need is approximately 70 – 100 Square Metres of open micro factory space to start your Business.

The Romero Vehicle has been developed over the past 14 years and commercialised twice. The farming and mining communities both bought many of these vehicles and over seven years later one coal mine who we supplied five of our vehicles to – all were still running very efficiently and did not have to be modified like other vehicles used on the mines that were never designed for the mines. The Romero is ideal for mining, farming and game reserves.

The paint manufacturing license is available both in South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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