I am an Entrepreneur


I am an Entrepreneur and an ex-Chairman of a Company and now Semi-Retired.
(A) Business Unboxed:  I sell my 41 years of Knowledge, education and hands-on practical Experience in Business, to Companies, who some sort of help or need advice and help or just a good product to sell and make money from. Or the opposite Good profitable Companies who need to know how to raise their Own Funding.
(B)  I also sell the “IP know how” – with full set up plans for a Micro Domestic Paint Manufacturing Business (Umbala Paint). This is designed as a small but profitable Family Business and maybe a few extra people it can be run from a Mini Factory.
(C)  Lastly, I sell the “IP now How” to build your own ATV (All-Terrain vehicle) designed for Farms, Mines or even Fun etc. This can be done by a petrol head for themselves. Or by an Entrepreneur who wants to start a factory and build these ATV’s for the market all over Africa, we have all the right consultants to assist you with this: – Check our Romero ATV out on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SOVoYGjAQmE# I sell the IP and full set plans and know how.
See our current website:  www.biznizunboxed.com   OR OUR BUSY Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneurscornerpublicgroup/

Our Fb site “Entrepreneurs Corner” has about 5000 entrepreneurs on it and it is linked to a whole lot of other Business sites so anything that is advertised here is seen by about 250,000 other entrepreneurs and business people. Your advert or comment goes from Nigeria to Kenya; Malawi; Zambia; Namibia; Zimbabwe, all over SA and then to New Zealand; Australia; UK; Europe & S America; the USA and a few other countries etc. The Price to Advertise is Nil at this stage. I haven’t thought of making money off advertising this page yet. Although a lot of people ask me that question.







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