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As a writer, business entrepreneur and an observer of martial arts, I love sharing short insights and powerful snippets of wisdom that I have gleaned over the years that I have been commercially involved with the Internet.

For example, it is possible to generate explosive power; far beyond what you imagine is possible. You can pack a punch, not merely with your body, but also in business. But how you may be asking?

You need to punch like a girl.

Punch like a girlThere is a perception that girls are too soft. In fact, it’s a common joke: “you punch like a girl!”

Actually, generating explosive power in your body, called “fa-jing” power in Chinese, requires that very softness. One must be completely relaxed. In fact, if you don’t “punch like a girl” – then you are literally wasting your energy.

Men tend to tense up far too early. They place energy where it is not required. You should be completely relaxed, right up to the point of impact, and only then employ an explosive twisting hip technique (call this bit “boy power”)… then FaF! Nothing can stand in your way.

“Martial art applies to business, but probably not in the way that you think. It’s not about hardcore fighting and extreme masculine competitiveness, it is actually about being soft and adaptive, moving like water. It’s feminine.”
A secret in business and kung-fu is to learn to use this explosive end-point-power only when it is needed. The rest of the time, be relaxed, soft and controlled. How can you be aware of what is around you and see opportunities that others cannot when you are tense and rigid?

So go with the flow my friend. Be like water. Punch like a girl.


Patrick R Stapleton

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